T-Bar Platform AF 1301

360 Degree Rotation Barbell Multi-Functional Weight Training Station

• This 360 degree rotation landmine platform accommodates
Standard 2” Olympic Bars.
• The weight of the portable landmine is 10 LB.So the
Landmine row base is easy to take to any workout place or
do outdoor workout.
• The solid steel construction makes the the full body workout
system feel stable when doing strength training. It is exible
360 degree Pivoting with a widely use, such as bent over
Row, deadlift, landmine rainbows, landmine clean & press,
squats, ab twist, kneeling press, deadlifts, one arm row, etc.
• The full body landmine can not be moved easily when doing
landmine workout.

Solid Steel Multi-Grip T Bar Row Barbell Handle

• Deep wedge allowing full retraction, hit
your muscle from 2 different angles.
• This angled V straight bar is a sturdy
piece of equipment for barbell rows
• The product does not include barbell bars
and barbell plates.
• 1. Please warm up rst to protect yourself
when exercising.

Fits 2’’ Olympic Bar, Barbell Rod hole internal diameter: 2.05
• Multi-grip V Straight Grip Barbell Handle,
Fits 2 Inch Olympic Bars.
• Home Gym Equipment for Deadlift Squat
Tricep Abdomen Shoulder Back Workout.
• Competed with standard bars and
2 inch Olympic bars, just simply slide onto
barbell and start your reps.



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