AF 7919 Functional Trainer

AF 7919 Function Trainer is ideal for performing multiple exercises in limited space.  It enhances strength by allowing users to perform movements that mimic activities in everyday life. Almost every muscle can be worked and challenged on this unique machine.
• Dimension: Size Mounted In MM (L X W X H X): 135 x 79 x 180.
• Tube Gauge : 3.0mm.
• Weight Stack: 150 lbs (70 Kgs).
• Movement: 180-degree range for arm adjustments.
• Frame: Rust Proof, Electro-statically Powder Coated.
• Workouts: 15 different workouts.
Triceps pushdown / Triceps Extension / Seated Low Row / Biceps Exercise / Standing Low Row /
Seated Pull Down / Deltoid Raise / Deltoid Wide Raise / Back Kick / AB Crunch (Cable)
Standing Inner Thigh / 4 Different Cable Crossover workouts


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