• Exercise from the comfort of your own home
• Free foot pump included for easy filling to desired resistance level
based on your requirements of fitness level
• Elastic resistance bands with handles that can be easily attached on/off
each side of the Balance Ball which helps in your upper body workout
• Can be used for or with: Sports Conditioning (both aerobic & anaerobic)
– Stabilization, Agility Training – Strength, Stability & Flexibility
Training for the Trunk – Strength for the Entire Body
• The AEROFIT Balance Ball Trainer is one of the best investments to train
mid-line strength and stability, as well as balance and coordination.
• AEROFIT Balance ball is one of the most important pieces of equipment to
meet your fitness goals. It’s great for toning your arms, legs, abs and more…
Pump up your fitness regimen by adding this awesome piece of equipment to your
work-out routines

• SIMPLE & EASY TO US — Simple & easy to use the band for upper & lower body
exercises that can be performed anywhere, such as on the door, is ideal for
conditioning & rehabbing muscles as well as specific workout for yoga, cross
fit, lower body Pilates, rotator cuff strengthening, and running
• MULTI – FUNCTIONAL Resistance bands can use for multiple exercises, such as
general exercise, stretching, strength building, power weight programs.
• SUPER QUALITY Our exercise resistance bands are easy on skin and free from
defects and will provide you with a worry free experience. This resistance
band set can be integrated seamlessly with every popular workout program
including Insanity, CrossFit, Beach Body, Yoga, Pilates and more.
• ADJUSTBALE RESISTANCE BANDS Adjustable Connection for consistent tension
during any exercise. Meaning you can adjust the length of the Fitness Band
for your individual needs. Work your Arms, Abs, Legs, Back and more!
• EASY TO OPERATE – This fitness resistance trainer is easy to use and it can
work out your legs, arms, back, and core at home, the park, or anywhere. The
durable training straps hold up to 400 lbs.



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