• FITNESS TOOL– The Bulgarian Bag strengthens and increases the muscular
endurance of your arms, shoulders, back, legs, grip, wrists, rotational
muscles, core musculature, coordination, proprioception, and overall
shoulder and joint mobility. The Bulgarian Bag is the ultimate fitness
tool for fitness enthusiast who are looking for a method of training that
maximizes your strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular fitness, mobility,
and overall explosiveness then training.
• STURDY CONSTRUCTION – Aerofit Bulgarian strength bag is heavy duty constructed
has a synthetic leather, makes it ideal for high frequency use and is easy to
wipe down and keep clean. The various handles mean the bag can be used for a
range of different exercises.
• DESIGN- The shape of the weighted bag is designed to allow for both upper and
lower body training while emphasizing grip strength at all times. The three
different types of handles allow the athletes to execute exercises by using
different grips.
• ULTIMATE WEIGHT TRAINING – The Banana bag is a unique functional tool developed
to improve explosive actions and dynamic movement patterns. The wide weight
range and varied programming means the Bulgarian Bag is suitable for users of
all abilities.
• SAFETY– This sand bag is a soft, easy to handle safe training tool -It doesn’t
bang and cause bruising like hard training tools. Dropping this Bulgarian bag
on the floor won’t damage your floor or your feet! They are a free weight so
allow the body to move in its natural planes of motion



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